1. What is the main source or sources of acid rain?

A) Antartica
B) Sewers
C) Magneseum oxide
D) Nitrogen oxide and Sulfer dioxide

2. What can be done to reduce the acid in lakes?

A) Draining and Refilling
B) Nothing just after time the acid will disapear
C) Liming
D) Nuclear radiation of lakes

3. Which of these can not be done by individuals to reduce acid rain?

A) Carpool
B) Nothing acid rain can only be stoped by groups
C) Conserving energy
D) Driving Hybrids

4. What has the EPA done to help try and reduce acid rain?

A) Regulation of Factories
B) Higer smog emmision standards
C) Both A and B
D) Nothing

5. What can been done to help forests after acid rain damage?

A) Nothing they cannot be helped
B) Liming
C) Transplantion
D) Graphing of healthy trees onto the unhelathy ones